Who We Are

The Asha Kuteer Orphange was founded with a simple idea: Help abandoned, unwanted or orphaned children. And that means more than basic needs like food, shelter, education, and access to medical care, but also with emotional care that is so vitally needed. We began with four children in January, 2013 and have to grown to eighteen children in little more than fifteen months.

What we do

Most of the orphanages only serve the basic needs of orphans. ASHA KUTEER is opening doors by addressing loneliness and poverty simultaneously. Many organizations dealing with orphans only serve their basic needs, but not their broken hearts. After losing parents or guardians, an array of psychological problems may arise when orphans mature.As they enter into adulthood,most feel the absence of their parents sharply. We can never replace a parent, but our calling is to seize the right moment, draw nearer to them, andto help them consider their interests, needs and aspirations.


The ASHA KUTEER Orphanage vision is to see desperate and disadvantaged children grow to be valued members of society with a promising future and a memorable past, empowering them to lead productive lives beyond the orphanage and to become contributing members of society and leaders of the next generation.


The ASHA KUTEER Orphanage mission is to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of orphaned and/or destitute children by providing them with love, care, nourishment, guidance, and the highest level of education.