The truest measure of a child’s well-being is not found simply in growth charts or in literacy statistics. It shows when children have a light in their eyes, smiles on their faces, joy in their hearts and spirits overflowing with hope (ASHA).

Kids introductionOur children are an enthusiastic lot who spread happiness wherever they are. Far from the sad-eyed, lonely kids you imagine, they are safe, wanted and loved little angels.

Most of our kids are orphans who have lost both their parents. Some do have a single parent who is either HIV affected or in prison or in other circumstances where he/she is not in a condition to provide even the basic necessities to the kids.

Once they come here, we bring to them a lot of exciting, positive changes. They are amidst a big family that encourages them to open up, get back their joy and to follow their aspirations. Look at the happy faces in these pictures. Come and visit our lovely kids and you will surely fall in love with them. These children are worth every effort we take to love and safeguard them.

Few children come from a really traumatic background and we ensure we take extra care of them to make them feel normal here. The children at ASHA KUTEER live a happy, positive and hopeful life.