Meet the Team

Asha Kuteer Foundation is registered as a society (660/2013). It's team work.


Jeevan is the founder of an Orphanage called ASHA KUTEER. He studied Computers at a Polytechnic Institute and also a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Master's Degree in Biblical Counseling. Some of his life’s experiences as an emotional orphan led him to go through depression for a long time.

Jeevan believes that there are three essential elements for any person - Faith, Love and Hope. Out of these three, love is the greatest but in the existential point of view, hope is vital. As one writer said that man can live without food for 40-days, without water for 3-days and without air for 8-minutes, but without hope he cant live even a second. "Asha" means hope in Sanskrit and Kuteer means home. The call in the life of Jeevan is to provide hope for the hopeless kids.

On 2009 March 1st, he went to a city called Secunderabad and at the railway Station he searched for a street kid to rare him up. He found a girl. After 3 meetings, she showed her mother, who is a sex worker. Her mother was willing to give her baby. Mr. Jeevan even went to a boarding school and got the permission for her admission. But his well wishers advised him to wait till his marriage. Jeevan got married on the 26th April, 2012 to Mercy. When he shared his burden with his wife, she too expressed her compassion towards kids. So they together decided to be involved in the ministry. With their little savings, on January 17th, 2013 they began the ministryt with 5 children. At present they have 17 kids.

Mr. Daniel Manekshaw

– Vice-President

He works as Production Manager at OM Books, India. Missions is his passion.

Mr. Gaini Rajeshwar

– Secretary

He holds M.Tech from IIT-Mumbai. Professional Career: Working as Software Team Lead for Dolcera- Intellectual Property Services and Market Research Services, Hyderabad.

Mr. K VVSSR Vijay Krishna

– Joint Secretary

He holds B.Tech (Electronics) from JNTU (hyd-campus), M.Tech from IIT-KHARAGPUR. Now works in Samsung India, R &D, Bengaluru.

Mr. Appalaraju Chapala

- Executive Member

He holds Engg Degree from NIT-Warangal. At present works at Redshift Networking.

Miss Priscilla Darbur

- Executive Member

She holds (nursing) degree from Kamineni College of Nursing and P.G from NIMS Hospitals. Now working in Govt Chest Hospital, Hyderabad.

Mrs. Mercy

– Treasurer

She Holds B.Th from Asian Culture of Studies, OM India. She is the wife of Mr. Jeevan. She worked as a teacher in slum school for over 3 years. She has concern towards the under-privileged children.