Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a term that talks about a company’s or a corporate’s initiatives in social and environmental wellbeing. There are so many companies that have this seriously and look forward to giving back more to the society.

We do have a few corporate who come down and donate and spend time with us. Deloitte works with us on their ‘impact day’ that is conducted once a year. We have also had Infosys Pocharam SEZ visit us for some CSR programs in the last few years.

Apart from giving back to the society, CSR activities help build social responsibility, empathy, compassion and a sense of responsibility in the employees. It is a great way for the employees to get together and spend time in deserving places like the ASHA KUTEER.

We will give back abundant love to your employees. Come and spend time with us, get to know us and let us build a great bonding.

Here are few ways corporate can partner with us.


 Ways to partner 

  1. Pay Roll Giving 

Small gestures from a lot of people can make an enormous difference. Talk to your employees about setting aside a small amount like INR 100 from their monthly salary. Put this small amount from every employee together and get the payroll/HR team to contribute it to ASHA KUTEER. There are companies that also match the money employees give, thereby encouraging everybody to participate.

02. Educational Support

The better educated and the better skilled the next generation is, the better will corporates grow. Support our children because good education empowers them an individual to earn their livelihood. It also increases their awareness on a range of issues – from healthcare to appropriate social behavior to understanding one’s rights, and in the process, they grow up as better human beings, serving the society.

Your employees can get together to donate books and school stationeries. Each team can also take up the educational cost of one student and support him/her to move forward.

03. Employee Engagement

Most people imagine shelters and orphanages to be sad, unfriendly places. They cannot be more wrong. Our set of enthusiastic, intelligent and happy going kids will bring a smile on the faces of all your employees. Plan an employee engagement activity and come over to spend a day with us. We will love to have you.

ASHA KUTEER FOUNDATION’s Employee Engagement programme is specially designed to guide corporates through the often unfamiliar territory of volunteer community service. Backed by our planning expertise and with our vast network of partners, we custom design these programmes to suit the needs and interests of your organization.

We can plan fun activities like singing, dancing, games etc. throughout a day and keep your employees and our kids engaged and excited. The programme is spread across 2-3 hours and in each activity, a volunteer is assigned a group of children to supervise and interact with. ASHA KUTEER prepares, coordinates and executes all aspects of the project, including logistic support for the programme. All that you and your team have to do is, show up, have fun and go through a truly rewarding experience. The Employee Engagement programme aims to bring fun and result-oriented social contribution. Plan your next ‘fun day’ with us!

04. Cause Related Marketing

Every customer, consumer, client is looking for more than just a brand name. They care about how else the corporate supports the growth of the society. Social media has ensured that good deeds spread fast and your brand value improves positively.

This is an area where cause related branding has lent a great hand. Commit a part of the year’s or quarter’s sales value towards your chosen cause through a CRM programme with ASHA KUTEER FOUNDATION.  ASHA KUTEER, in turn, will help you fine tune and garner the maximum out of it.

Do well by doing good

In simple terms, Cause Related Marketing (CRM) is a partnership between a for-profit business and a non-profit business. This is a win-win situation where both brands get something positive from it.

This is a strategic marketing activity – a way for a company to do well by doing well. Though it is distinct from sales promotions, corporate philanthropy, sponsorship, corporate Samaritan acts and public relations, it is often an amalgam of all such activities.

When you spend effort for a worthy cause, your employees, clients, customers and consumers love you for it. This, in turn, improves your vitals like sales and profits. Consumers these days prefer a brand that stands for something beyond just profits. And with CRM in your kitty you can ambitiously look at increased sales, visibility, consumer loyalty, better brand positioning and positive media coverage.

ASHA KUTEER FOUNDATION will be available at every stage to help you fine tune and glean the maximum out of your CRM programme and share our experience and findings with you.