Unnoticed by most of us, there are children facing abuses and inconceivable hardships every day around us. The children we work with faced challenges including physical violence, sexual abuse, extreme poverty, tragic loss of family, trafficking, malnutrition, health conditions and so on. Here are few stories that will tell you that in spite of hardships, we are all promising them a great future.

Mounika and Arjun :– Mounika and Arjun belong to a poverty stricken household and lived with their parents. One fateful night, their alcoholic father had a quarrel with their mother and in a fit of rage, poured gasoline all over her and lit her on fire in front of the kids. They were completely traumatized by this incident. Both the children started crying and ran out to get help, but in vain.

Finally, a family friend took over the situation and rushed the mother to a hospital, where she was declared dead. Mounika was the elder child and was deeply affected by this incident. She ran a fever, fell sick and was bedridden for a while. Mounika stopped responding/talking to people for a long time after that. The children’s father was arrested and when he was let out on bail he was murdered by unknown people and thrown onto the railway tracks.

When Mounika and Arjun reached us, we had to try a lot to help them move on and look forward to a happy future. Mounika cried when she narrated this horrific incident to us. She still does not talk about her father or even mention his name.


Eesha and Koushik :– Eesha was very young when her father abandoned the family. She and her mother moved to a smaller community and her mother worked as a laborer in a factory. Late one evening, Eesha opened the door of their small abode hearing a knock. A man entered the home, pushed her away and threw gasoline all over her mother. Few drops of gasoline also spilled on the terrified girl. The man lit her mother on fire in front of her eyes and ran away. Eesha ran out to get help and managed to take her mother to a hospital. Sadly she passed away in a few days.

After this, she and her elder brother Koushik moved to their uncle’s home. They were not welcome by their aunt and were mentally and physically abused. After a long year of managing such abuse, both the kids reached ASHA KUTEER.




Sravanthi and Sekhar :- Sravanthi and Sekhar were from Tandur area, Ranga Reddy district. Like most poverty-stricken families around, their father was alcoholic and abusive. He often quarreled and beat their mother. One night, over an argument, he lit their mother on fire without a bit of remorse.  Sravanthi got up from sleep hearing her mother’s screams and woke up her brother. They ran out to inform their grandmother, but by then, it was too late to save the poor lady. Neighbors around helped in handing over their father to the police. Their father came out prison, but was murdered. It was rumored that some grieving relative of the kids’ mother did the act. In around a year, both Sravanthi and Sekhar joined our loving family.





Rajeswari. B and  Maheswari :- 

Rajeswari and her elder sister Maheswari lost their parents when they were very young. After the death of their father, relatives grabbed their property, money and possessions and threw them out. They were put to a stage of begging for daily food near a temple and Rajeswari worked as a maid in nearby houses. Soon after, their mother died of sickness and the children were left all alone in a big, scary world. None of their relatives came forward to support them and they were taken to an orphanage. After a while, the orphanage closed down and we took over the care of these sisters.

In two months of time, we were woken up in the middle of the night sensing Rajeswari was unwell. She had fits and we had to rush her to the nearby Ankura women and children’s hospital. The doctors there discovered a cyst in her brain and put her on medication for a year. She was also suffering from stomach pain and had to be treated by a gastroenterologist. Rajeswari is still under medication but is recovering very well. She is learning keyboard and is quite good at it.


Mahesh and Raju  :- Mahesh is the youngest of three kids at home and hailed from Mahaboob Nagar district. He and his brothers lost their parents when they were young and their elder brother who was 17 died early of a heart condition. Mahesh stayed with his brother all alone at home and a neighbor was helping them in preparing meals every day. When the neighbor also passed away, it became very difficult for the brothers to manage and their relatives brought them to live with us.






Devender Naik :- We did not know a lot about Devender when he was brought to our home in 2015. In about three months, Devender was affected by TB meningitis. He had to be hospitalized for around 55 days. We spent several lakhs for his brain surgery which was done two times.

Devender is right now not a normal child and needs extra care. He finds it difficult to engage with other kids, spits on them and is not able to absorb and assimilate a lot of details.

His sister and brother came to live with us and we were able to find out a little about his history. He was the eighth kid to his parents and around five years back, lost his father. His mother passed away soon after and most of the kids were scattered around and few even died without care. He has faced a lot of difficulties before reaching us and we are trying so hard to bring him back to normalcy and ensure a safe, healthy life to him.