Online supporters

A lot of people want and will love to help, but are unable to come down and be with us physically. Spend just a few minutes a day and still support us! Come be our online supporters..

  • Forward our mailers to people you think will be interested
  • Spread word on your social media pages about ASHA KUTEER
  • Follow us on all our online handles and please invite your friends and family to do the same
  • Introduce us to your fan club/followers/online communities


If you are a blogger, we will love to be featured on your blog pages. It helps us reach more people across the world. You can get to know us more, write about us and share it with your online community. We will also share it on our blog page.

Social Media Champions

Social media is a powerful medium and is a very easy way to reach people interested in helping us. Here is how you can become a social media champion volunteer for ASHA KUTEER.

  1. Please follow all our social media handles including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus
  2. Like our posts, share it, re-tweet it to people in your social community
  3. Share our YouTube videos to people you think will find them interesting
  4. Add us to your Google Plus circle
  5. Share about us on WhatsApp groups and with people you know