Bible talks about three amazing gifts for mankind – Faith, Hope, and Love. The chapter ends this way – “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love”. Only when a person loses one or more of these three does he/she realize its worth.

Faith: Trusting another man, trusting your surroundings, trusting things will go well is extremely important to stay happy and feel secure. A person who does not believe that there is earth beneath him will find it difficult to survive every single second.

There are two kinds of faith one experiences – subjective and objective.

Subjective faith is the belief that your faith and confidence is derived only from yourself. It is a part of your character, attitude, skills and talent. Objective faith is when you believe in something outside of yourself. It can be another person, it can be God, nature, your lucky number or lucky object. In spite of which kind of faith you have, it is important to believe in something to live life.

There is a small story that explains this better. There was a shipwreck and few survivors managed to reach an island. They gathered some firewood, made a roaring fire and sat around it talking. Each person was talking about the greatest loss they had in life. One lost his money, while the other lost his family. Few people lost flourishing careers. One man remained silent and the rest of them asked him to share his biggest loss. He said that while all their losses are replaceable, there is one that cannot be gotten back – faith. Everyone agreed. Nothing in life would move forward without faith.

Love: Bible calls love the greatest of the three gifts. Everybody wants and yearns love. We do a lot of things for people to love us, to seek their attention. People dress well, they work hard and prove themselves in different fields, they tell white lies to others. All these are ways to get someone to like us. A non-believer of God once took her own life. People found a diary with the statement ‘will someone somewhere love me?” written twice. The lack of love can push people to extreme levels.

There is a beautiful story of an atheist. He was a well renowned professor and kept denying the presence of God and also laughed at others who believed in a super power. He called human beings a result of complex molecules and chemicals and always asked the students to see things scientifically. A few days later, the students saw him very sad and dejected with life. When questioned, he said that he lost his loving wife to death. A student stood up and asked,”If a man is just chemicals and molecules, why do you mourn the death of your wife so much? Why don’t you accept that the chemical reaction is complete and move on?” This gave the professor so much to think about. Love is complete and love has no logic or boundaries. End of the day, everybody wants someone to fall in love with and someone to love them unconditionally.

 HOPE: We all live because we believe the future would bring us happiness and good fortune. If you know the day you will die in advance, every living moment will bring unhappiness. Psychologists talk about two stages of depression – The helplessness stage and the hopelessness stage. Helplessness talks about the present condition. The person believes things are not going to change or does not know how to make things right.

The hopelessness stage is when there is no clarity about the future and the person believes he has no future. Psychiatrists call this the worst of the two stages and find it very difficult to treat. A lot of suicides happen when the person goes on to the hopelessness stage.

According to our founder Mr. Jeevan, hope is everything. Instilling hope in people will ensure they have a better, brighter future. We started ASHA KUTEER not just to give food, shelter, clothes and education, but to give Faith, Love, and Hope.