This is a story that will bring a smile on your face. It was 2009 and Jeevan was at the Secundrabad Railway station when he spotted a small girl. She must have been around seven years of age. She smiled at him and he felt an instant connection. He offered her some cold drinks and started talking to her. The small girl took Jeevan to her mother, who he later learned was a sex worker. She was waiting there to work and make money to feed both their stomachs.

Jeevan was horrified to see how easily the little girl accepted her mother’s profession and how matured she was when the child asked her mom to go and work while she would wait there. He realized how he and the people around him were living in a protected, secured environment, while the reality was different for people like her. Jeevan immediately wanted to bring the child back home with him and give her education and shelter. He then realized that there are so many children like her outside and he needs to try and make a difference in the lives of so many kids like her.

Jeevan got out of his depression, finished his education and got married in 2012. He and his wife took it up as their mission in life to bring home such kids and take care of them. They started off in 2013 and there has been no looking back since then. As Jeevan keeps saying, “It is worth giving life to those who deserve it than give love to the underserved!”.