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Money helps us with food, shelter, clothing, medical emergencies and school fees for all the 45 kids under our care. You work hard and it is an added blessing if you can help a deserving child for his/her livelihood. We cannot help everyone, but every one of us can help someone in need. Every rupee you donate helps a child feel better, eat better and study further. Few of us can help them by being physically present but most people are surrounded by a hectic lifestyle. You can always contribute by sending us a donation, how much ever you think you can. Little drops of water do make a large ocean. You can help by contributing just INR 1800 a month. This will help us with:
  • Medical check-up for the children
  • Providing nutritious food
  • Maintaining hygiene and a healthy atmosphere
  • Paying school/tuition fees
  • Accommodation
  • Clothing
  • Recreation
We do not have a lot of sponsors right now and we would love to be associated with people like you. While INR 1800 is the cost people pay for a dinner these days, it will help a child stay comfortable and protected the whole month. Our kids get overjoyed when people come forward to sponsor them. Just the feeling of knowing that someone from around the world is caring for them gives them immense joy and encouragement. There is more happiness always in giving people in need. You can change the life of a kid and ensure a healthier future for him/her by contributing.
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Education plays a very important role in the development and growth of any child. Education not only helps get a career, it also helps in social skills and overall holistic development. This is why we give utmost importance to the quality of education our students get. All the kids with us go to a full time educational institution and study every day. Every kid around us deserves good education and the opportunity to better in life using it. Education empowers them, gives them necessary confidence to face life and helps them financially and morally until the end. With quality education and good teachers around, our children continue to grow better and evolve as good citizens of the country. Spending for education is an investment in every sense. Keeping this in mind, we have chosen good institutes for our children to learn from. Books, school fees, tuition fees, uniforms etc. are always on our priority list.

On an average, it costs around INR 1000 per month for one child to go to school and this includes school fees, transportation, notebooks and textbooks, stationeries and tuition fees. Let us know if you will like to sponsor a child’s education.

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Each one of us is born in the world for a reason. Therefore, we all deserve to celebrate the day we were born. We know the birthdays of few children with us, while we have no idea about the same for others. For kids like this, we have chosen a day to celebrate their birthday and aim to do it with joy and fun. A lot of loving people come to our shelter to celebrate their birthdays and our kids were all excited about it. We thought they deserve to celebrate their birthday too. We post on our Facebook and WhatsApp pages about the birthday details of each kid. A lot of people wish them over social media and few even call us up to wish the birthday child. The amount of happiness this gives the children cannot be described by words. From the year 2016, we also mention the birthday dates of the children on our yearly calendar which you can refer to. You can sponsor to celebrate the birthday of our kids. The total cost comes to around INR 4000 for one celebration. This will include:
  • A birthday dress for the star of the day
  • A cake to share between the children
  • Non-vegetarian dinner for all the kids
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With food and grocery expenses skyrocketing, it is a challenge for us to provide nutritious, healthy meals every day to 45 energetic children. A satisfied, happy stomach will bless you from the heart. You can offer to sponsor breakfast, lunch or dinner a day based on your preference. A day has 365 days. Our goal is to find one person each day to sponsor meals and this will ensure our kids will stay satisfied and nurtured all through the year.

  • Breakfast — INR 1500
  • Vegetarian meal — INR 2800
  • Non-vegetarian meal — INR 3500
  • Vegetarian food for a day — INR 5000
  • Non-Vegetarian food a day– INR 6000
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Running a family of four or five requires so much attention to detail and maintenance. We run a family of employees and 45 children. There are monthly charges that we incur and it is a commitment that tightens our budget every time. It would be a great help if you can sponsor for any of the below incurred maintenance costs.
  • Rent              — INR 19800
  • Electricity      — INR 2500
  • Phone Bill      — INR 1000
  • News Papers  — INR 660
  • Drinking Water — INR 1500
  • Transportation — INR 2000
  • Medical          — INR 1500
  • Hair Cut         —  INR 800
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There are miscellaneous expenses that are one-time and are non-recurrent.
  • Inverter - Rs 8,000
  • Bunker Beds - 26 (Each bed costs Rs 14,000 with 2 mattresses & 2 pillows)
  • CC Cameras - Rs 60,000
  • Land - Our long term dream is to get a 5-acre plot and build a spacious living space for the children. The cost of the same is approximately 5 crores.
  • Medical Check Up (screening) once in a year – This includes ENT, dental, eye care, general consultation charges. It also includes necessary tests like HIV and TB (Montex). CBP blood tests cost approximately INR 45,000.
  • Four Wheeler – A vehicle that is at our disposal will help us bring home groceries, vegetables, leftover food, and medical emergencies and so on. Right now we depend on paid taxi services and that becomes expensive with time. This will cost approximately INR 5, 50,000.
  • Health Insurance - INR 1200-1500 per child.
  • Computers -  4
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We make it a point to give nutrition rich, healthy, wholesome, home cooked food to all children with us every day. You can always support us by buying one or more of the below mentioned grocery items. You can either buy them and bring them to our place or make an online purchase and deliver it directly to our location.
Rice 300 KG
Toor Dal 60 KG
Cooking Oil 45 Liters
Ground Nuts 10 KG
Idly Rava 15 KG
Semolina 25 KG
Wheat Rava 40 KG
Urad Dal 15 KG
Vermicelli 25 KG
Tetra Milk 100 Liters
Chilli Powder 6 KG
Turmeric powder 1 KG
Salt 15 KG
Channa Dal 2 KG
Masoor Dal (Red Dal) 8 KG
Ginger & Garlic 3 KG each
Sugar 7 KG
Dry Coconut 2 KG
Tamarind 6 KG
Tea Powder 3 KG
Jeera 1 KG
Avalu 1 KG
Chicken Masala 15 (Rs.10 packets)
Sambar Masala 20 (Rs.10 packets)
Garam Masala 1 KG
Stone Salt 3 KG
Eggs 400 (Twice Weekly)
Masalas (cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, Sajeera)
If you want to purchase any item online and send directly to Orphanage

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Another way you can help us is by donating things that we might need for the children. This can include toys, clothes (new and used), books, stationeries etc. You can put anything you think we might use and send them to our location. If you are a part of a community or you have a group of friends/colleagues/relatives who want to spend on something useful, think of donating in kind. You will be making some beautiful hearts very happy. Over the years, we have received so much that we have put to use the right way. If your children grow out of clothes, get bored with their toys or books or you have some item that you want to give away, we always can use them at ASHA KUTEER. Here are few things that we would love to get from you.
  • Books (reference books, novels, children’s story books)
  • Boys shorts/pants (age 8-16)
  • Boys/Girls Jeans (Age 8+)
  • Shoes (US size 5-9)
  • T-shirts (all ages)
  • Jackets or raincoats (all ages)
  • Craft supplies (scissors, colored pencils, stationary, stickers, papers etc.)
  • Board games
  • Sports equipment (roller skates, balls, badminton rackets, sportswear etc.)
  • Toys (Lego, dolls, cars etc.)
  • Bags (school backpacks)
  • Hats/caps
  • Belts (especially for boys aged 6-18)