I. Emotional support 

There are a lot of orphanages and NGOs that work with children. Unfortunately, most of them just provide them with the basic necessities. A child needs an emotional bond, especially in their teenage. There are so many instances of these children growing up with an array of psychological problems because of the lack of loving parents. While we know we cannot fit into the position their parents held, we work every day to ensure they feel loved and cherished and cared for. A child grown amidst love and hope goes back to achieve so much in the future.

 II. Education 

Mr. Jeevan strongly believes that education is one major factor to improve the lives of the children under the care of ASHA KUTEER. Education has the power to instill goodness in people, to eradicate poverty, ignorance and pave the way to a better quality of life.

When it comes to budget planning, we always give priority to books, tuition fee, uniforms and everything needed for the kid to study. We have ensured all of them are schooled and take it seriously. Most of our kids are able to manage and do well in an English medium school and we have done our best to put two kids into CBSE medium. With more help from people, we will be able to give them more support, better quality learning materials and improve their ability to succeed.


We have hired a couple of engineering students who come every day to teach the students, help them with their home works and exam preparation. This is a great way for the kids to bond with college students and learn more from them. With more support, we will be able to bring in more people to tutor the kids and help them get better.

  III. Birthdays 

While we do know the birthdays of few kids, we did not know it for the others. We choose a birthday for each one of them to give them the joy of celebrating every year. A lot of people come from outside to celebrate their birthday amidst our children but there are not many outsiders for each of their birthdays.

This was when we decided to take help from amazing people through social media. We create invites during such birthday events and send them across different platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. Few people attend the event. Few call up and wish the kids. We also print the birthdays of the children on our yearly calendar so that it is easier for you to keep track.

This small gesture from your side brings so much happiness to the kids. We are ever grateful to those who do not forget to wish them every year.

  IV. Healthcare 

Healthcare is something we strive to take very seriously. Since the children come in different ages from different areas, we have no idea how healthy they are and how resistive they remain. After a few incidents of children falling ill and having to be treated, we have strict regimes in screening them for infections and diseases.

Dr. Ashish Chauhan from Apollo Hospitals has been a great support for us anytime we needed him. AVI Clinic, Spark Hospital and Ankura Hospital for women & Children which are located nearby treat our kids for free and also provide discounted fees on tests and diagnostics.

Here are all that we do regularly to ensure our kids stay healthy.

  • Record of height and weight every month to ensure they are growing at the right pace.
  • Hb blood test is done every six months.
  • General tests including blood tests, ENT, dental, eye checkups while we bring the child for the first time.
  • Expert prescribed medication is given regularly for overall health and wellness.
  • We have access to immediate medical care in case of emergencies

 V. Extra Curricular activities 

  • Mr. Salmon is the music teacher who comes twice a week.  Now three children are learning Keyboard and three are learning Guitar.
  • We are looking for a choreographer, who comes twice in a week and teach them to dance. In future, it is our wish to teach them Martial Arts too.
  • We have a public park nearby. We make sure kids go and play at least twice in a month.



 VI. Shared responsibility 

Every elder boy/girl is suggested to help and take care of a young boy/girl all the time they stay in ASHA KUTEER. This helps in more than one way.

  1. The elder child develops a sense of leadership quality and responsibility.
  2. This makes the elder child better suited once he/she leaves the closed environment and enters the huge world ahead.
  3. The young child finds a support system, feels less lonely and opens up easily to the elder brother/sister.
  4. We are intimated of problems if any, by the responsible elder child and it makes it easier for us to understand problems.
  5. This builds up a rapport between the children and encourages fraternity.