Asha Kuteer who we areThere are a lot of NGO’s and organizations who provide basic facilities for kids in need. We wanted to be a little different. Apart from materialistic comforts, children need the right emotional support to be able to grow up into a  confident, independent and healthy individual. For children who do not have parents or guardians, loneliness and poverty can be worst enemies, pushing them to extreme steps. At Asha Kuteer, we bring in such kids and give them our support, be their emotional fallback and help them feel better.

We started off with just four children in January 2013. And now we have grown into a family of forty-five children. While we give them food, shelter, clothing, medical care and other necessities, we have always put emotional support and care in the forefront. With such support, they can explore their interests and aspirations and dream of a better and happier future.