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Manish And Rakesh

Manish is the youngest of three kids at home and hailed from Mahboob Nagar district. He and his brothers lost their parents when they were young and their elder brother who was 17 died early of a heart condition. Manish stayed with his brother all alone at home and a neighbour was helping them in preparing meals every day. When the neighbour also passed away, it became very difficult for the brothers to manage and their relatives brought them to us. Since then, they are under our care and supervision.


Sravya and Siddartha were from the Tandur area, Ranga Reddy district. Like most poverty-stricken families around, their father was alcoholic and abusive. He often quarreled and beat their mother. One night, over an argument, he lit their mother on fire without a bit of remorse. Sravya got up from sleep hearing her mother’s screams and woke up her brother. They ran out to inform their grandmother, but by then, it was too late to save the poor lady. Neighbours around helped in handing over their father to the police. Their father came out of prison, but was murdered. In around a year, both Sravya and Siddartha joined our loving family.

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